Fishrocks…the blog

This is my first attempt at starting a new blog, so as they say in the construction industry, pardon my dust. I set this thing up with the “help” of the very confusing set up page from WordPress, and I’m pretty sure that I picked the wrong template, background and all that jazz, but for right now I’m just gonna ignore all that stuff and move forward. Hopefully I can eventually get this thing to look like I want it to look.

The geeks at WordPress tell me that with my first post I should probably explain what my blog is going to be about.  So here goes.

First off…the name. Fishrocks. A little weird,right?  The name comes from a nickname we gave my boss where I work. She has been accused as being as dumb as the rocks on the bottom of a fish tank,aka, fishrocks. Now, I can assure you that she is a very bright young lady who has just the right temperament to deal with all the crazy people she works with everyday, but for some reason the nickname doesn’t make her mad and kind of endears her to all of us. I picked the name to be the title of my blog because I am currently fighting off prostate cancer with hormone therapy that threatens to make me as dumb as the rocks on the bottom of a fish tank.

Numerous studies have shown that men on hormone therapy for prostate cancer are more likely to succumb to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Also, without the wonderful effects of testosterone coursing through my veins, I live life in a bit of a fog. This blog will hopefully give me a chance to exercise my brain a bit, and also provide me some therapy for the many side effects of both the hormone treatment and the overall suckiness of being a 6 year cancer survivor. If I write, maybe life as I know it will be a little better.

I am not writing this blog for any reason other than to entertain myself. If other people stumble upon it and it helps them, fine. If not, so be it.  I don’t really care. If I become at least a regular blogger, maybe this thing will pick up a few people following and become a Fishrocks movement. Or maybe it will morph into a Fishrocks book.  Or “Fishrocks-The Movie.” Or,dare I say, “Fishrocks-The Musical.” Ok, who am I kidding, that would be kind of cool. But I am getting ahead of myself. I am not sure if I have the title page right yet.

I have written a number of things on Facebook and I will probably reprint them here on this blog in an attempt to add some content.  Hopefully, most of the the time the writing on here will be original new stuff that has come straight out of my slightly addled non testosterone brain.

I think that is enough to give you some idea what I want this blog to be about. Stay tuned for more weirdly interesting content that will hopefully have me staying a little bit smarter than the rocks on the bottom of a fish tank.


2 thoughts on “Fishrocks…the blog

    1. Already had radiation. After surgery back in 2011. It was explained to me that you can have radiation after surgery, but it is much harder to have surgery after radiation. My numbers were high and my cancer aggressive.


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