Most Days

Most days I can listen to music
And that works
Today, it doesn’t

Most days I can read a book
And that works
Today, it didn’t

Most days I can go for a walk
And that works
Today, it falls short

Unsettled, restless
Looking for something
Questions with no answers
Answers with no questions

Most days I can distract myself
From everyday realism
Escape to somewhere else
Outside my own head

But today, I can’t let it go
The feeling that something inside me
Is moving, growing
I feel it in my soul

Most days I can pray it away
And that works
Today, for some reason
I get no comfort from God

I guess today
For whatever reason
Is nothing like
Most days

2 thoughts on “Most Days

    1. I wrote that poem for the prostate cancer support group on Facebook. Basically, I’m saying that even though most days I’m fine, some days I’m not. Sometimes we need to give each other permission to have a bad day now and then. But you’re right, everyday the head is held high, moving forward. Thanks for reading, Brentyn.

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