We’ll be right back after these messages

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging quite as much lately. There are a few reasons for this. I am sharing these reasons with you guys, the people that follow me and get my blogs directly into your inbox. 

First of all, thank you for following me. It is a bit humbling knowing someone wants to read what I wrote. Of course, by now you might be thinking,”My God, what have I done, I gotta quit getting this guys stupid blogs in my emails” and my blogs go straight into your spam file. That’s fair. If I am not in your spam file, I’ll tell you the reasons for the delay of my next blog. 

If someone goes to my homepage and reads this, I’m fine with that too. I’m just not gonna release this one on Facebook. 

Ok. Reason #1. I have a blog ready to go but I haven’t published it yet. It’s about my Mom. There are some family history things in there that I want to talk to my brother Paul about, but he is on vacation and won’t be back until Sunday. Also, the blog was pretty emotional for me to write, so I need more time before I hit the publish button. 

2.  I’m still learning about all this blog stuff, and I recently figured out how to put pictures in the articles. I’m looking back at some of them and re-editing them with pictures and captions. I did this with “Weekend Update”. I renamed it “Flowers for Lupron” and put some pictures in it. Check it out and tell me what you think. I hope to do the same for “Marse Robert, I ain’t goin'” also. I figure I can throw some of my Gettysburg pictures in there. Kind of like going to your Aunt Edna’s and watching a slide show. With Civil War stuff. And cancer. Wow. Sounds like big fun, right?

3.  There is a bunch of stuff that I want to write about, and sometimes I just have to sit back and let it happen. I have talked to a number of people that want me to write about the place where I work. I would love to do that, and I will soon, but after working at a place for 30 years, it’s hard to focus on one thing for a blog. Although…

Ok, I’ve been at Big Blue for the last 30 years. All of my immediate family have worked there at one time or another. I added up all the years of service and it comes up to right around 100 years of experience. There have been good jobs and bad jobs, good bosses and bad bosses, a lot of friends made and a ton of memories. But the one constant through all the years?  Human Resources at Big Blue is an absolute clownshow. I think I could tell a story a week about those people. If I interviewed members of my family and current and former employees, I think I would have a book. I would call it “Adventures in HR” or something like that. 

One example. I recently had my 30 year anniversary with the company. A few days before that day I received an American Express gift card in the mail for $75. Nice gesture, right? It came with a card from the CEO Jim Keene saying how much he appreciates my service. It wasn’t personal. It could have been to anyone. Ok, got that, whatever. But on the day of my anniversary there was not one person from upper management or HR that came and shook my hand or congratulated me. No human contact at all. Not the plant manager, not my operations manager, nobody from HR. I brought donuts!  They could’ve had one!  And that is really a nothing story. I have much funnier and frustrating ones. Maybe I’ll call it The Human Resources Clown Show. 

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading and being patient with me as I figure this stuff out. 


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