And yet…

It comes to us quietly
It mutates, it divides
It takes over good
And replaces with bad.

It makes us sick
It kills, it destroys
It makes us poor
And exceedingly sad.

And yet…

It teaches us what’s good
It teaches us what’s right
It teaches us
We have the strength
To carry on with the fight.

And yet…

It isolates us
It leaves us alone
It frustrates us
To figure out what is wrong

It takes our hair
It takes our song
It bankrupts us
As we fight for so long.

And yet…

It brings us together
We pool all our wealth
To look for a cure
To regain all our health.

We run, we walk
We eat, we talk.
We raise the money
When the going is rough.
We will Livestrong
We are Chad Tough.

We will scream at God
We will curse in the night
And yet His light is still there
Denying cancer’s bite.

Thanks for reading.




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