A Slow Turn into the Sun

A Slow Turn into the Sun

Pills and chemotherapy.

Hot flashes and incontinence.

Weight gain,
Muscle loss,
Weakness and exhaustion.

Wrecked finances,
No savings,
Co-pays and unpaid hospital bills.

Loss of hair,
Loss of dignity,
Loss of myself.

Chasing life,
Cheating death,
Delaying the inevitable.

Loving life,
Loving friends,
Loving my family.

Feeling the prayers,
Singing the praises,
Staying close to God.

Kissing the dog,
Taking a walk,
Feeling the rain in my face.

Laughing with friends,
Laughing with family,
Laughing at the stupidness of it all

Getting hugs,
Seeing the looks,
Telling people I’m okay

Crying with you,
Holding your hand,
Feeling your frustration.

You didn’t deserve this.

Trying to understand,
Trying to work it out,
Trying to get up the stairs.

Feeling alone,
Even in a crowd,
Even with the ones I love.

Dreams about heaven,
Dreams about soaring
Flying higher above the clouds.

Feeling the wind
Sensing the warmth,
Taking a slow turn into the sun.

2 thoughts on “A Slow Turn into the Sun

  1. I am Dan’s friend also. I can’t imagine going through so many emotions all at the same time. On top of all that he continues to work every day and Lord knows it’s an every day challenge there even for someone that is in perfect health. My heart goes out to him and his wife and families. Please stay strong and know we are praying that one day this cancer will leave your body for good. Your friend and co-worker Shirley Shoemaker.

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