Let it Teach

img_0295There is one good thing about cancer…it doesn’t kill you all at once.

It lets you breathe, it lets you think.
It lets you remember, it lets you re-live.
It lets you say I love you.
It lets you say you’re sorry.

It teaches you how to understand,
It teaches you what’s important.
It teaches you how to live in the moment.
It teaches how to love in the moment.

It lets you feel,
It lets you see things differently.
It lets you experience things for the first time.
It lets you love completely.

It teaches you that your kids are cool,
It teaches you that life is fun.
It teaches you that it’s ok to be happy,
It teaches you that it’s ok to be sad.

It lets you eat dessert,
It lets you taste the flavor of a song.
It lets you lose your mind,
It lets you dance.

It teaches you that a lot of stuff doesn’t matter.
It teaches you that some people need to be ignored.
It teaches you what’s important,
It teaches you what’s not.

It lets you live,

And it teaches you life.

Thanks for reading.


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