Living, breathing, loving,

Smell the air, hear the music,
Feel the rain, dance the dance.

Let the funny lift you,
Let the laughter fill you,
Let her smile beguile you.

Watch the sun drop into the ocean,
Feel the sting of a long summer day,
See the leaves rip fire up a hillside,
Hear the stillness of falling snow.

Feel the inner explosion of a kiss,
Feel the heat of a body held close,
Feel the prickly thrill of desire,
Feel the electric spin of completion.

Taste the bitter, taste the burnt,
Taste the sweet, taste the salt.

Hear the softness of rain,
Watch the clouds tumble over a peak,
Feel the rumble of a train,
Smell a memory of diesel and gasoline.

Sing, shout, talk, laugh, cry.

Rejoice in the cry of a newborn,
Exalt to a syncopated rhythm,
Grab the coldness of a falling star,
Swallow the flesh of a swine.

Love like your life depends on it,
Hate the death of a friend,
Like the way your hair looks today,
Detest the feeling of being afraid.

Swear, scream, yell, shout at the gods,
Think, reflect, pray,
Reach high in the moment.

Just live.


Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Alive

  1. Amazing how much I needed this today, yesterday, and didn’t even know it. I’ll need this tomorrow, too. Thank you for being just where you needed to be when you wrote this.

    Liked by 1 person

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