Shower Thoughts

Have you ever been taking a shower when out of nowhere, whammo, you’re hit with a epiphany? This is a phenomenon known as a shower thought. Shower thoughts are a real thing. Sometimes your brain can obsess about a bunch of stuff that is not helpful. And sometimes, you can actually solve a problem or two.

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2 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts

  1. Dan has anyone, well besides Holly and your children told your absolutely AMAZING. I love to read your blogs, as it damn sure makes ya think about life!!! Even if it’s that I need more socks washed 😀
    Thanks for educating me and I look forward to many more

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  2. I’m pretty sure Kierkegaard spent most of his life in the shower. I usually find drool on myself after ingesting some Kierkegaard.

    “Your whole nature contradicts itself. But you can only get out of this contradiction by an
    either/or . . . I who in my life have experienced the significance of choice, I congratulate you
    on the fact that you are still so young . . . yet if you have, or rather if you will to have the
    requisite energy, you can win what is the chief thing in life – win yourself, acquire your own

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