The Lonesome Cancer Blues


I did not ask,

For this particular affliction,

Seems to me my life,

Is stranger than crazy fiction.


I take a pill,

For the weariness,

And the unending depression.

I smoke weed,

For the pain.

It’s an unhealthy obsession.


I drink whiskey,

Cuz it fills the gaps,

The other drugs don’t cover.

I take the blue pill,

In an attempt,

To try to be a better lover.


Drips and drops,

And injections,

And poisonous IVs,

Lord, come take this burden from me,

And right quick, if you would please.


I’m stranded in the hallway,

Adjusted to the news,

Laying on this here gurney,

Singing the lonesome cancer blues.


Sitting in the chemo room,

For hours at a time.

Watching family members worry,

From where they’ll get

Their next dime.


We’re all swept up,

In this Godforsaken tide.

The docs said they’d help us,

It’s quite evident,

That they lied.


They said,

“You might not get sick,

Or even lose your hair.”

But I’m bald over this toilet,

Giving my family

Quite a scare.


Someday we’ll wash up,

On Gods celestial shore.

With full heads of gorgeous hair,

With no sickness,

And nothing sore.


Until that time a comes,

I guess I’ll pay my dues,

Laying on this here gurney,

Singing the lonesome cancer blues.


If you want the back story of this song, go here to A Gurney in the Hallway

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “The Lonesome Cancer Blues

  1. Thanks for sharing. Made me cry as your journey sounded like you were writing my husbands story. So very sad. I’m so sorry. Thank you for letting me see a little glimpse of what the man I’ve loved for 42 years is most likely feeling too. We’ve often shared his feelings and talked but the sadness and loss he feels I can see, just like the words you expressed. Thank you Dan and God Bless. I’m praying my husband has many more years with me but only God knows that answer. Keep sharing and prayers for you and your family.

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