Well, here it is. As a stage 4 cancer patient, I always wonder about the date after the dash. You know, like this…

Dan Cole


Is this the year?

I suppose we could all ask that question. My friend Don Luce passed unexpectedly in 2021. My wife’s cousin Randy Piebenga passed in 2021. I’m sure when the year started, neither one was thinking that would happen. As loved ones and friends, we certainly didn’t see that happening to either one.

But it did. With COVID and other assorted illnesses spreading across the globe, many of us went to funerals this year we didn’t expect to. A lot of death.

So, 2022 starts with the potential to be a turn around year for the human race. Let’s hope it is.

For me, this may be the year I’m not able to get through. I know that sounds ridiculously dramatic, but let’s face some facts here. I’m on my 3rd clinical trial. Eventually, that’s gonna stop. Stage 4 ain’t forever. Tumors are growing, life is getting shorter.

Which is why the DC World Tour is starting soon. I just booked an Airbnb for next week in NYC, with a fully guided tour of the 9/11 museum on the 10th. I’ve already visited the 9/11 memorials in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon, so this the last of that bucket list to be completed.

A trip to Orlando, Florida is planned for the end of January. My friend Stu is traveling there for work, and while he is working, I’ll be visiting Mickey and possibly Cape Canaveral.

And then a big trip is planned.

London, England from February 2-10. Yeah, I said LONDON!! Churchill Museum, a premier league game, and a pub crawl is planned. Much more to come.

I have a bunch of readers of this blog who are located in various places around the globe. I’m gonna post an itinerary on here whenever I can for a couple of reasons.

1. If you see I’m gonna be in your town, let me know. Would love to meet fellow survivors for a drink and food, or just to see and meet you in person.

2. Airbnb’s ain’t cheap. I’m not above sleeping on a couch. (Shameless plug for free room and board)

So let 2022 begin. Let the DC World Tour begin. The motto of the tour? If I ain’t pukin, I’m travelin.

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “2022

  1. Dan,
    I’m sorry to hear of your health struggles. Sounds like a lot to bear, but it’s great to hear of your travel plans for the new year. They all sound like great adventures! Best wishes for you.


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  2. Dan, so glad to hear of your plans. Every day is a gift and even those without stage 4 cancer need to not take anything for granted. Proud to see the JOY you always bring. Will love to buy you a beer when you return so you can tell me about the adventures. Omicron is insidious so please be careful and assume everyone is infected, but YOU. Safe travels.

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    1. Thanks, Doc. The pills make me feel awful, so will I probably leave them home. A beer and a good story is one of my specialties. I’m hoping omicron makes it possible to drive my little Ford thru Manhattan without much problem. Just like my Dutch ancestors when they founded Fort Amsterdam back in 1625.

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  3. I am not sure if my comment posted because I was still writing and it disappeared lol.
    Anyway I am not a gin drinker, or much of a drinker really but while in London try some of the local gin. There is a rhubarb one that is terrific as well as others.
    Have a wonderful time and stay positive

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