It’s the story people don’t see.

“You look good!”

“So, you’ve beaten that whole cancer thing, right?”

“You have tumors? Where are they?”

“It’s great to see you smile. You should smile more.”

“Are you limping?” What’s wrong with your leg?”

“My Grampa had prostate cancer. He died.”

“You’re okay now though, right?”

“We’ve met lots of men with prostate cancer. They’re fine.”

“Have you put on weight?”

“My mom has breast cancer. That’s a real bad cancer.”

“I see you walking a lot. Didn’t you used to run?”

“You go to bed at 7:30? Why so early?”

“I didn’t see you at the Christmas party. You need to get out more.”

“You always leave early. What a party pooper.”

“You had radiation? Did you lose your hair?”

“Ever try working out?”

“Have you changed your diet?”


“Man, you’re in a bad mood today.”

“I thought you were dead!”

“Are you still sick?”

“You’re cancer’s in remission now, right?”

To all the men battling not just the disease, but also the perception of the disease, fight on through the ignorance. The above quotes have all been directed at me over the years. Try to laugh, and try to move on.

And try not to punch anybody in the nose.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Ignorance

  1. I have had so much of this through my cancer battle, “oh you got the good cancer” “your in remission, so it’s over right” “oh so you have to be on pills forever that’s not awful” “what do you mean your immune system is compromised your done with treatment”
    No one stops to really ask questions, no one thinks about the fact I had very aggressive thyroid cancer that spread to my chest or how tough it is! Best I didn’t get breast cancer it must be easy!

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